I enjoy reading other peoples blog posts. Blog posts are one of the most important way to gather information and learn from specific topics when working with the web. Especially the Ruby community is really helpful and the quality of the posts is excellent. There are also very good resources available for HTML, Javascript and web design communities.

Topics I am interested in and will blog about

I have a specific interest in web related things. I work mostly on testing but also do some amount of web development, usually using Rails.


Having worked in many different roles in the software industry, testing has always been of great interest to me. A tester needs to quickly understand how something works and many times be able to think like an end-user would instead of taking a software development point of view.

From a technical perspective, my main interests are test automation and performance testing both of which involve both understanding the theory of software testing as well as understanding how a specific system works technically. Creating any test automation also requires some level of coding skills.

Web development

While testing web sites takes most of my time I also like to stay up-to-date on web development topics. I've build some websites, for example this one, with Ruby on Rails, which to me is an elegant solution for many site or application types. Testing is an integral part of Rails development and encouraged by automatically creating test files when creating other components.


I used to work at Nokia with many different technologies before going to work with web companies. It was an interesting time period during which I saw a lot of mobile developments from using mobile phones for dial-up and building systems to enable end users to get on the web to mobile TV.

It's still a very interesting area to me and I do follow what's happening in the industry on a daily basis.