I went to the CukeUp 2013 conference some weeks ago and wanted to do a write-up about the event. In general it was a very nice event, excellent talks showing the good work that is being done in the Cucumber community.

Future of the project

The day opened with the keynote from Aslak Helles√ły, the creator of Cucumber. The keynote was about how Cucumber got to where it is today, who is using it and how to go forward with the project.

There had been some challenges with bugs piling up and the resolution times being longer than ideal, but with bringing more people in to the project and defining clearer responsibilities between them, the team managed to get things under control.

An important part of the keynote was talking about the future of Cucumber project. The main points were that the newly organised Cucumber project team, which helps in maintaining the tools on different platforms, changing Cucumber architecture to enable fixing some long standing issues in the most backward compatible way possible and setting up a new Cucumber website with documentation for different platforms.

Main topics of the day

For me, the main message of the day could be divided into two categories:
- Cucumber best practice tips
- Using Cucumber in new environments (Cucumber.js and Calabash)

I'm writing my own take on the best practices but saving it to a separate post.

One of the most interesting talks was a live coding session with Cucumber.js with Julien Biezemans and Matt Wynne implementing a tic-tac-toe game pair programming in BDD style. Cucumber.js is something I want to work with very soon and I'll also post about that once I get some more experience using it.

Calabash is another interesting technology, which I'll write about later.