Elixir Language Features 26/06/2016

Introduction to some of the language features of Elixir showing how well it can be used in a test automation project instead of, for example, Ruby.

Elixir in Test Automation 14/06/2016

Elixir is a relatively new programming language with features for building robust and scalable application on top of the Erlang virtual machine. It is also well suited for building test automation suites for other applications than ones built with Elixir.

Test Automation Toolbox 11/06/2016

What is the best approach for a new test automation project in 2016? This post explains some well working tools and patterns I've been using in my previous projects.

Setting up Ruby on Mac/Linux 30/06/2014

There are many ways to setup Ruby on a development machine. This post explains some of the options and my preferred way of installing and switching between ruby versions.

Cucumber best practices - push how down? 15/05/2013

There were several talks touching on some of the best practices in writing Cucumber features and scenarios in the CukeUp 2013 conference. The message that was repeated in several of the talks was 'push how down'. This post explains what that means.

CukeUp 2013 07/05/2013

A short summary of the CukeUp 2013 event in London in April 2013.

Screenshots in Cucumber scenarios 28/03/2013

Screenshots can be a useful tool in debugging test failures as well as layout changes. This post explains what is required to add this step into the automation workflow.

Cucumber setup 22/01/2013

My favorite tools for test automation are Cucumber and watir-webdriver. Here is some information about the setup I use.

Three reasons to use Cucumber for test automation 29/05/2012

This is quick post listing three reasons to use Cucumber in test automation. These reasons extend outside of the usual technical evaluation of the tools and can in some cases be used to convince people outside of the QA team.

Running webdriver tests locally vs. remotely 20/02/2012

This post describes the different options for running Selenium tests in terms of where the actual browser executing the actions is run. We'll look at running tests locally as well as through Selenium server and Grid2.

Rails 3.1 to 3.2 04/02/2012

This post summarizes the upgrade process from Rails 3.1 to 3.2.

Test automation with watir-webdriver 04/02/2012

A post about advantages of using watir-webdriver for test automation projects. Why you should choose watir-webdriver for a test automation project and how to get started.

First post! 24/01/2012

This is the first post on my new blog. It explains why I created the blog and what I am going to be blogging about.