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Web Test Automation Solutions

Choosing the right tools

Test automation is a very valuable yet challenging area of a software development project. There are many tools and languages available for the work each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While any of them could be used to build a test framework for an application, some are arguably better suited for specific situations than others. Projects need to have testing on different levels from unit tests to acceptance tests to achieve the best results. For acceptance testing, some of the most popular tools are Ruby as the programming language, RSpec and Cucumber for testing and behaviour driven development frameworks.

The value of test automation

Test automation has long been considered somewhat of a silver bullet in making high quality software but it doesn't come without it's challenges. There is an array of potential tools to use for automation, which all take time to evaluate and learn to use effectively. I can help you in choosing the right tools as well as offer hands-on training in using the tools effectively.

Frameworks for testing of websites

Implementing test frameworks for websites

Setting up a test framework is one of the important tasks that will either improve the quality of the software by enabling tests to be written in a reliable and efficient manner or it can become a burden for maintenance.

Automated testing of APIs powering your application or website

An ever increasing share of applications, be it on the mobile or on the web, is going into the direction of being powered by an API from where the application retrieves it data. This is a major change from the situation where the page is rendered on the server side and requires a different approach to testing.

Improving the quality of your service

While most people agree that presence on the web is a key source of business and customer relationship managemens, there are a surprising number of problems even with major websites. Testing is many times an afterthought in a website development project and as the last part of the process does not get the time required. Quality needs to be built into the process and test automation and continuous integration and delivery are key components to make that happen.